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To find today a «beautiful» or at least «good» domain name for some organisation, new product on the market or personal project is like a science.
This is due to the fact that the number of available domains decreases with each passing day, and to find short, memorable and at the same time beautiful name becomes harder and harder.

Therefore, we have collected some general advices and recommendations, how to research quickly and efficiently a suitable free domain.

For beginners, we recommend to start to get acquainted with introductory information about, what is a domain name?

Do not despair, if during the searching of domain you didn't find an available name.

To check the domain for availability is possible through our WHOIS service tool, which has contacts for connection with the current owner. Maybe he accepts a proposition to resell you the name. Also, many domain names are often already bought throw various exchange markets, where you can buy a wish domain name.

1 Convenient and Fast typing

If you pay attention to the top side of your keyboard, you will see the following order of the letters "QWERTY". This combination doesn't make any sense, but among users it is one of the most popular password. The reason lies in the fact, that such combination can be quickly typed and it is easy to remember. This strategy isn't the best solution to select a password, because hackers try them first of all, but for searching of domain names, it suits ideal. So, during choosing between several options, pay your attention on the convenience and speed of typing in the browser address input.

2 Short and Concise

In the case where the domain name is too long or difficult pronounced, it is better to ignore it, because the chance to make a mistake is to big. Laconic name of the online store helps to return the customers and the emergence of new ones. For non-commercial sites - increases the visibility and simplifies the search of pages. If you have an organization with a long name and a large number of words, it will be better to stay on the abbreviation.
Your main task is short and simple.

3 Use Keywords

From the point of search engine optimization (SEO), the presence of the keyword in the address of the site increases the position in results. Let us assume, you sell used cars, your name is John Smith and it coincides with the name of the firm. So the domain name should not be just ", better to look like "".

4 Regional Factor

If your business or product is aimed at a specific geographical group or it is the regional office, be sure to keep this in mind when you are selecting a domain zone and name. So, for the confectioner from Kiev can go "" or "".

5 Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

When you are using numbers, sometimes can be difficult to understand, what do you means, a number "2" or a text "two".
With a hyphen the situation can be a little bit confusing, here the choice depends on the regional specifics. For example, in the German-speaking part of the Internet it is very common to separate words, but in the USA it is extremely rare. Yet, for the most part a hyphen is a bad form.
There is another possibility, the registration of several names for a single site. For representation in the US "", and for Germany "".

6 Easy to Memorize

Do not forget that the millions of domain names have been already registered, so your choice has to stand out among competitors.
Before you buy a domain, check on your friends how quickly they were able to remember the selected name. Sounds it good?

7 Trademarks Check

Before you register a domain you need to verify that it does not contain the name of a foreign brand. Otherwise, your domain name can be blocked at the request from the copyright holder.

8 Use different domain zones

It so happens that many seek to buy .COM domain name. Indeed, it is the most popular domain zone of the world, which has more than 200 millions of names.
While the potential of other endings, which are not less well ranked by the search engines and are often much cheaper than .COM, remains unsolved.

  • .NET - social networks and forums
  • .INFO - news portal
  • .ORG - business and organisations
  • .ME - "", "", "" and etc.
  • .NAME - blogs and personal pages

9 Protect your brand

After registering a domain name, we recommend to think about copyright.
The trademark will protect you from other users, that want to register the domain name, using your ideas.

10 Got an idea? Buy a domain name!

Once you have an idea of the new start-up, immediately be engaged in the search and then hurry up to register a domain name, until it is still available.
Often user starts with the development of the web site, and in a few months later it turns out, that a perfect domain name is already taken by someone else. Every day there are nearly 80,000 new domain names, so the chance, that your unique idea can be stolen is very high.

DomainLines wishes you to find a short and memorable domain name!

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