Terms & Conditions

1. Our rules state that one is not allowed to register domains or to place any websites on the hosting that are used for:

  • Distribution of child pornography (sites using "children images" are also prohibited);
  • Distribution of all types of illegal pornography;
  • Distribution of materials (content) that violate copyright infringement;
  • Illegal mailing (SPAM);
  • Illegal distribution of pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Distribution of false / malicious programs;
  • Distribution of false / malicious codecs;
  • Illegal obtaining of personal information and hacking attempts (fishing, fraud, etc);
  • Promotion of violence / racism;
  • Scripts and / or software to automatically create accounts and messages;
  • Advertising of resources through SPAM, automatic account creation and automatic creation of messages on third-party websites;

2. Terms of domain name registration, transfer & web hosting

2.1. The user is fully responsible for the content posted on the registered domain name, including the responsibility to third parties as well.

2.2. Contact information and Whois information must be filled correctly. Accounts with false information can be blocked until correct information of the account/domain names’ owner is received. The user is obliged to present the scan copies of a passport or some other documents asked upon the registrar’s request within the shortest time, but not later than in 48 hours. If the demand is not fulfilled, the registrar is entitled to block the domain names and account until all circumstances are clarified.

2.3. The Whois Protect service serves to conceal the real data of the domain name owner to protect him from unwanted postal mailing, telephone calls and other forms of advertising performed against the will of domain name’s owner. However, Whois Protect can not be a reason or an instrument for breaking the current law or rules of this service.

2.4. The registrar has a right to shut off the client’s service in 72 hours after such notification is sent to the user.

2.5. All operations with domains, including payments, are carried out only with the help of a personal account.

2.6. Refund for any payment operation with domain names is not possible, because this procedure is not provide from domain name registries.

2.7. Domain name registration involves providing personal information about the potential owner of the rights to the domain name. The data that identify the user can be posted in the public, which include databases of WHOIS data.

2.8. This list of regulations can be changed / supplemented without notice.

2.9. It is prohibited to use domain names and web hosting for any illegal activity based on the Germany legislation.

2.10. We are obliged to provide accurate contact information about the client on request of registration (ICANN et al.) or law enforcement agencies.

2.11. If the current administrator has not renewed the domain name at the end of the registration period, the renewal is possible only in manual mode after the request to the support. Also, an additional commission will be charged for the renewal after the established period.